Infinite financial, industry, and market profiles

Generate profiles to inform your decisions based on industry, market, and 39 ratios, over 5,000 industries, 15 sales brackets, and 350 US, state, and metro market options

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Access granular and local data for research

 Leverage research tools to build analyses and reports based on focused industry, market, company, and franchise financial data.

Always fresh data updated monthly (at minimum).

Industry financial performance

Access the most accurate data on over 5,000 industries at the national, state, and local level. Sort by area and 15+ sales classes to get industry financial data, including financial ratios covering cash flow solvency, profitability, efficiency, and debt-risk.

  • Easy-to-use scoring system in four main financial ratio categories
  • Includes US and local, sole proprietorship, and valuation multiples data

Industry market demographics

Access detailed market data for 9,000 industries in any US state, metro area, zip codes, and radius market levels. This data highlights competitors, market volume, market penetration, and productivity, making it great for business plans, local market analysis, and more.

  • Understand market opportunities based on local business performance
  • Select a market and area with at least 5 businesses to get started

Company profiles

Company profiles provide a unique, holistic window into a target company. These reports include company-specific information such as vestment business value projections, industry market analysis, and key financial ratio indicators. Look beyond financials at social media and public records.

  • Derived from projected company, peer group, and industry data
  • This unique combination of insights is available for over 16M+ US businesses

Franchise Profiles

Expand on your application features and capabilities here. A nice section to show the app off and explain why it’s work a quick download!

  • Product Breakdown (eg. 9,000 different industries)
  • Schedule C Company info

Market Profiles

Compare performance, understand market advantages and opportunities, and measure your competitive position. Use benchmark, sales, market, and efficiency metrics to gain insights into a local market.

  • Access data that is both industry- and location-specific

  • Interactive map shows up to 250 competitors closest to the market center 

Top research use cases

Research profiles are designed to meet the needs of key decision makers.

Benchmarking & Valuations

Confidently seize opportunities and mitigate risk with reliable data that provides you with the unparalleled insights you need for accurate, thorough audits.

Market Research

Access our robust database of financial statements, valuation tools, and market environment analytics for 9000+ industries in local and national markets.

Business Planning

Gain a competitive advantage when you use granular, real-time data only available through BizMiner to advise and build relationships with your clients and prospects.

Unlock more data-driven insights with an API integration

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