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41,000+ Markets Analyzed

16+ Million US Businesses

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184 Billion+ Market Combinations

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Access Bizminer data through an API or feed to incorporate our data into an existing workflow or even to create a new product. Integrating Bizminer data can enable you to automate important decisions, scale important operations like loan decisions, or enrich your new product or tool. 

Use Cases

Enhance Business Software

Access the most accurate data on over 9,000 industries at the national, state, and local level within your existing business workflow.

Augment Your CRM

Improve the speed and efficacy of your prospecting with accurate, robust data pulled from Bizminer right into your CRM.

Build a Product

Create a high-powered product that leverages Bizminer data within your solution, increasing the effectiveness and perceived value to your customers.

Bizminer data is sourced from an array of reliable public, private, and web statistical data sets.

Below are examples of our raw data sources that we use to provide you with reliable, verifiable data.

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